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Red Sails in the Fallout Review

My judgement might be skewed in light of having just come away from Under the Crimson Sun, but I found this heartwarming tale of two anthropomorphic female animals literally playing grab-ass across the desert–along with a swarm of insects, racist human, and carnivorous plant–to be pretty a entertaining read that […]

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Sooner Dead Review

Another very late review, this one for Sooner Dead, Gamma World’s novel debut. In short, it was pretty good, though I did find the serious tone out of place when compared to the general feel and play style of the game. This isn’t a bad thing mind you, just unexpected. I […]

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Legion of Gold Review

The third and perhaps final Gamma World expansion, Legion of Gold offers what every Gamma World product has so far: new origins, monsters (with token sheets), some maps, a card booster pack, and an adventure at the end. Between all three books, you could easily get a party from 1st to […]

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Interactive Gamma World Character Sheet

Though Gamma World lacks its own Character Builder, you can make a character online via this interactive character sheet–with no subscription required. You can randomly generate everything about the character that you’d expect, though there are drop-down menus if you want to choose your options manually. The only glitch I noticed was […]

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Famine in Far-Go Review

I’ve never played Gamma World before Wizards got their hands on it, an experience that I enjoyed but unable to indulge in nearly as frequently as I do Dungeons & Dragons. I’d heard from some source or other that Famine in Far-Go is also an adventure from a much older Gamma […]

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Ghouls For Gamma World

I don’t care for Fallout: New Vegas (or Fallout 3 for that matter). Liz does, however, so I end up getting to experience wandering through radioactive wastelands running errands for strangers by proxy. Via watching and/or listening I realized that there’s a lot of good concepts and monsters that could work very well […]

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