Future of D&D Keynote Speech

For those of you that missed it (which is likely no one), you can watch the entire thing here (skip ahead eight minutes). There was a bit on art that I liked, and the statement “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” got used, which hopefully will not mean “we […]

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GenCon 2011 Summary

Here is some stuff that I managed to cull from forums that have been heard at GenCon that was not already dropped elsewhere: Dragon Content September and October: Oriental-flavored articles. Specifics mentioned were oriental themes, a ninja-assassin and kanji runepriest build, and an optional honor system in Unearthed Arcana. November and […]

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GenCon Announcements

A lot of stuff rolled out at GenCon this year. They opened up with the announcements by mentioned stuff that was already released before moving on to the new stuff (as well as “super secret stuff!”). I’m going to skip all that and move to the new releases. Now, we […]

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