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Scions of Punjar: Session 3

(Another short session) At the end of the last session the party was headed back to the city of Punjar. Armed with the knowledge that they would most likely be facing undead the group decided to hire, if possible, a cleric or paladin etc. They made their way through the […]

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Review: Thrones of Punjar

This is more than a bit late, though in my defense I’ve been under the weather from a combination of a severe cold and term finals. Its become a kind of ritual where Red Jason goes to said FLGS, buys whatever Goodman Games merch is out, and dumps it on […]

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Harley Stroh (Goodman Games) Interview

I recently asked Harley Stroh, line editor and developer for Goodman Games’ Dungeon Crawl Classics as well as author of the Master Dungeons series to take a few minutes from his busy schedule and answer a few questions. -Red JasonYou just got back from D&D Experience, it was amazing I’m […]

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The two dollar module is back!

The two dollar module is back! This 4E-compatible module sends the heroes to an ancient cave occupied by cultists dedicated to the Mists of Madness. Defended by ancient death traps and weird arcane seals, the caves conceal an antediluvian vault, the resting place of an archlich whose reign predates recorded […]

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Review: Dungeon Denizens

Following my recent habit of draining my bank account of money, I decided to pick up Blackdirge’s Dungeon Denizens. The last book I got from Goodman Games was pretty good considering that I didnt really like dragonborn, and I had some time on my hands today between me putting off […]

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