4Ward/FrankenFourth: Keep on the Shadowfell, Episodes 4 & 5

Cast Emery (3rd-level hearth kobold cleric) Murtaugh (3rd-level tarchon dragon sorcerer) Rig (3rd-level human warlord) (Abridged) Summary Over the course of a couple days, the party finished clearing out the orc nest. In the process they rescued about a dozen villagers, discovered a stone portal to the Abyss, and fled […]

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Dungeon World: Sunken Treasures

Sunken Treasures has been dredged from the depths (and added to our 10+ Treasure Trove Bundle)! Our fifth entry in the 10+ Treasures line features 28 aquatic magic items, including a gun that shoots never-ending blasts of water, suddenly expansive armor (mind the pointy bits), a ring that will keep you alive […]

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Dungeon World: The Gunner

The Gunner is locked and loaded. This flexible class not only lets you outfit a gunslinger-type character, but also lets you roll out something more akin to a gunner from Tera, or the heavy and sniper classes from Team Fortress 2. You choose how your gun was built (magic, flesh, or some sort of pseudo-science), how […]

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