heroes of the feywild

Heroes of the Feywild Review

Heroes of the Feywild is a player-centric supplement with a bunch of options and flavor material for players that want to make fey and/or primal characters. It is very focused, and I highly recommend it for any player or DM with a preference that cleaves to its mission statement. My main nitpick is […]

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The Wee Folk

Pixie stats are up, ready for you to use under the assumption that you are not entirely reliant on Character Builder. The ability score spread came out as expected–though I could also have seen Wisdom instead of Intelligence, if for no other reason than to make them good at primal […]

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Rule-of-Three: Pixies

In addition to Totem Expertise and Two-Handed Weapon Expertise, the other content tidbit from Heroes of the Feywild is that pixies will have a flying cap of 1 square. Reactions and interpretations are varied, with some stating that WotC should have waited for a better solution, and others expecting as such. […]

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