D&D Next: Houserules

Though I stick to the official rules for playtest sessions, here are some houserules that I am using in my D&D Next campaigns to make the game better for my group. More Maneuvers  Maneuvers are linked to weapon categories and secondary ability scores, providing a minimum Expertise die value. For […]

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Legend & Lore: First Round Overview

By now you have already downloaded the D&D Next playtest files, browsed through them, and probably even ran the adventure. For those curious as to how the playtest arrived in its initial state, this Legend & Lore article provides a behind-the-scenes glance, including some ideas on making the game more […]

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Archlich Is (Not) Fail?

Apparently the archlich is broken. Or its too powerful? I know a lot of people are clamoring from both sides of the fence, but I think I’ll just stick to the fence and actually, you know, try it before picking a side. I actually didnt notice when I read the […]

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Small Characters and Two-Handed Weapons

3rd Edition handled small characters and weapons in a very strange way by giving each weapon its own size category. You could use a weapon your size or smaller in one hand, and a weapon one category larger in two hands. I think that a weapon smaller than your size […]

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