Alpha Blue Kickstarter

Disclosure: I know Venger from G+, and at his request have started working on an adventure primarily intended for his standalone game, Crimson Dragon Slayer (though it would be compatible with other “OSR” games). Alpha Blue is Venger’s latest Kickstarter project, following the success of previous projects like The Outer Presence and How to Game […]

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Dungeon World: The Bandit Formerly Known as Prince

Cast Azagin (2nd-level dwarf mutated battlemind) Paisley (2nd-level human bard) Sketch (2nd-level human thief) Summary The characters set out from Willowspear, following the sluggish, polluted Dunwater River as they traveled west. They were searching for an ancient, dwarven tablet that had been found at the river’s bank in Dunwater, and […]

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