lair assault

Critical Failure: Insight

So Lair Assault happened last Monday. I had been prepared to continue The Elder Elemental Eye, but for the  first time in a long while new players showed up and they wanted to throw down against the Tyrantclaw, so against my better judgement I caved and decided to try my […]

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Lair Assault Play Report

I ran my first Lair Assault session on Thursday to the tune of a total party kill, which took all of my resolve to follow through with given a life-time of running games in which I also want to see resolution. The four-man group consisted of a kobold rogue, human paladin, […]

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Lair Assault Play By Comment?

Want to go through Lair Assault but cannot due to not having a FLGS (or scheduling issues, or whatever)? Well I am up for doing a play-by-comment type game here (or on another forum that gets recommended and everyone can agree on). Just post your characters and/or suggestions in the comments, […]

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Lair Assault

I got a Lair Assault kit yesterday, and after looking through the 16-page, digest sized booklet have this to say: good luck. Size matters not. Judge it by its size, do you? The entire scenario is comprised of one mega-encounter that you have to wrap up in 20 rounds. In […]

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Gearing up for Lair Assault

In less than a week DMs will be able to start running Lair Assault at their local stores, starting with Forge of the Dawn Titan. On the off chance you are not familiar with it, a Lair Assault event is like a sessionf of D&D Encounters cranked up to 11; […]

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