A Sundered World: Monster Setting Art

I’ve already posted plenty of race art, and even some location art. This time I wanted to art for the Voices of the Stars and Celestial Host monster settings (what Dungeon World calls groups of at least thematically related monsters). Note that this isn’t the final art.

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Cthulhu Wars Review

After waiting just over a year longer than advertised, I finally got part of my backer reward from the Cthulhu Wars Kickstarter (just the core game: still waiting on the extras/expansions/exclusive content). So, was the wait worth it? For me, yes, and for several reasons. First, as anyone that reads this […]

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Returning to the Mines of Madness

Years ago I ran an Eberron campaign steeped in Lovecraftian horror. Not only did adventure titles play off of one of Lovecraft’s stories—At the Mines of Madness, The Shadows Under Greyshore, etc—but they featured people twisted by alien energies, phasic denizens from another dimension, strange, alien ruins, tentacled horrors, and cultists […]

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