monster manual 2

Review: Monster Manual 2

I got tired of waiting for the mail to arrive, so decided to go for a walk and hit up Powells and Borders to see if they had Monster Manual 2 in, already. Powells didnt despite the site listing three copies in the store, which isnt surprising since I dont […]

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Monster Manual 2 Races

Bullywug, duergar, and ::drumroll:: kenku. I think bullywugs are retarded beyond all compare, but the kenku are going to force Red Jason to make an entirely new character. Bullywugs get a Con and Dex bonus, Athletics bonus, and can release a cloud of toxic air that weakens enemies that spend […]

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Monster Manual 2 List

And so it begins… Abolethic Skum (ooze)Abyssal Eviscerator (demon)Abyssal MarauderAbyssal RotfiendAdamantine DragonAmbush VineAngelsAnkhegArbalesterArctide Runespiral DemonAspect of DemogorgonAssassin DevilBarghestsBehirBeholdersBerserker Prelate of DemogorgonBlack PuddingBladerager TrollBlood HawkBloodseeker DrakeBloodseep DemonBloodthorn VineBone GolemBonecrusher SkeletonBristle SpiderBugbear WardancerBullywugs!!!!!!!!!!CentaursCentipede ScuttlerChain GolemChaos HydraChillfire DestroyerClay GolemCockatriceCopper DragonCouatl Cloud SerpentCouatl Star SerpentCoure of Mischief and StrifeCyclopsDagonDark MantleDeath ShardDemogorgonDevasDiamondhide XornDimensional MarauderDire TigerDireguard […]

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