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Monster Vault: Threats of the Nentir Vale Review

Packaged in a paper sleeve, Threats of the Nentir Vale includes a 129-page soft-cover book that abides by traditional dimensions of Monster Manuals past, eight sheets of monster tokens, and a poster map that gets referenced in some of the monster entries. Unlike other monster supplements, this book provides regional content for the Nentir […]

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Monster Vault Review

The highlight of this month’s releases, Monster Vault is a $30 box set that contains an adventure module for 4th-level characters titled Cairn of the Winter King (with adventure maps), ten sheets of monster tokens, and of course the titular book. The TokensNothing too fancy, here, especially if you’ve purchased Starter Set and/or Dungeon Master’s Kit. They’re […]

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Monster Vault: Otyughs

Not merely an otyugh but a neo-otyugh, which is a psionically endowed super smelly crap-trap. Checking D&D Compendium, it looks like they’d never made it into 4th Edition until now. I wonder why? They’re basically otyugh turned up to 11. Like otyughs, they have a stench aura, but these guys are Huge, have […]

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November and Beyond

November looks like a pretty busy month, weighing in at three products that I want.BeholdersI’d forgotten about the Beholder Collectors Set, which in addition to a combined expenditure for Monster Vault and Famine in Far-Go promises to weaken my wallet (savings ends). The set runs $35 and has four beholders, and when compared […]

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