Wandering Monsters: What’s in a Monster?

What information belongs in a monster entry? The amount and arrangement of information has fluctuated throughout editions, sometimes changing within the same edition. 2nd Edition blocks were lengthy lists of un-formatted information, which probably could have been sorted better. In its favor the flavor text tended to lean towards the extensive, often telling how many […]

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Homebrew: Wererat Piper

I posted a poll a few weeks back asking which faction out of Neverwinter Campaign Setting that people would be interested in tackling first. The winner was New Neverwinter, so am writing up a 1-10 adventure dealing with who will end up ultimately ruling Neverwinter. When it comes to adventure writing […]

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Star Cults

In the near future my group will be going up against a star cult, which prompted me to create some new monsters in accordance with my level and thematic requirements. If they’re reading this, they can go ahead and take a peak, or stop and be surprised. Neophytes are cult newbies […]

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