monte cook

Legend & Lore: A Different Way To Blah

This picture does not work at any level. What? No…just…what? Having actually played 3rd Edition, attacks of opportunity might not have actually come up all the time–though they were pretty common–but the fact that they existed affected how characters moved and what they did. For example, if the wizard was on […]

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Legend & Lore: Out of Bounds

I have really gotta stop reading these things, because all they do is confuse, frustrate, and make me wonder exactly what game Monte Cook was allegedly playing “back in the day”.  Does the game present players with challenges that have pre-made solutions? Kind of? There are useful guidelines and suggestions […]

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A Matter of Perception

Cook’s Legend & Lore debut involves him essentially recreating the Passive Perception wheel, ie the system we have now, except that instead of using Passive Perception as-is with numerical DCs he proposes a rank system (novice, journeyman, expert, etc). That is it, and it just feels like he is arguing semantics. The […]

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