Mythbusting: Nondescript Powers

Sometimes people treat powers like “buttons” that they just routinely mash over and over again, paying little heed to anything except for the power’s effect. For some reason, they never had a problem with this in older editions despite the fact that spells never had default descriptive text until 3rd […]

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Mythbusting: Everything’s The Same

In 3rd Edition there were three progressions for your Base Attack Bonus (a value that was added to all attacks)and two for Saving Throw Progressions (you used to roll a save against a target DC, which is an inverse of the way 4th Edition does it).4th Edition gives every class […]

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Challenging Myths

Save-or-die effects are challenging. SoD effects are not challenging because there is nothing that can be done to stop them, and success or failure hinges on the results of one completely randomized roll. You can argue that there are abilities that can negate SoD effects, but you must either spend […]

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