Red Sails in the Fallout Review

My judgement might be skewed in light of having just come away from Under the Crimson Sun, but I found this heartwarming tale of two anthropomorphic female animals literally playing grab-ass across the desert–along with a swarm of insects, racist human, and carnivorous plant–to be pretty a entertaining read that […]

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Sooner Dead Review

Another very late review, this one for Sooner Dead, Gamma World’s novel debut. In short, it was pretty good, though I did find the serious tone out of place when compared to the general feel and play style of the game. This isn’t a bad thing mind you, just unexpected. I […]

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Seal of Karga Kul Review

Maybe reading Mark of Nerath caused my expectations to plummet, but I found Seal of Karga Kul to be only mostly forgettable. Considering the usual quality of D&D novels, this isn’t as bad as it might seem. The basic plot of the book is that a character is trying to deliver […]

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Mark of Nerath Review

I’d sworn that I’d posted a review of Mark of Nerath, but then I realized that I’d used it as an example of a terrible product in my Business class. When it comes to buying Dungeons & Dragons novels I’m always hesitant unless they’re written by Don Bassingthwaite (whose name I can […]

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Gamer’s Library: Mistshore

One of the best things about reading a fantasy novel is being able to take the best parts of a book, whatever they may be, from imaginative plot ideas to fascinating locations, and introducing them into your own D&D games. Mistshore, written by Jaleigh Johnson, is the second installment of […]

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