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Interactive Gamma World Character Sheet

Though Gamma World lacks its own Character Builder, you can make a character online via this interactive character sheet–with no subscription required. You can randomly generate everything about the character that you’d expect, though there are drop-down menus if you want to choose your options manually. The only glitch I noticed was […]

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Virtual Table Overview

After uninstalling and reinstalling Java 6, I finally managed to get Virtual Table to load. I’ve never used other online mapping tools before (or really played online), so while I can’t make a comparison I can go over what I like/don’t like about it. Before I go on please understand that […]

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Web-Based Character Builder

Note: There’s apparently some confusion about my stance on the whole web-based direction that Wizards of the Coast is taking Character Builder. First, I don’t mind if it requires internet access. That’s a perfectly acceptable response to some fans’ stance of picking up a month of DDI a year, or every […]

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