Battlemind Debut

Long post, because I like to go in-depth on debuts. We can finally see a preview of the battlemind, a Con-based psionic defender. They remind of psychic warriors: you get to tour around in heavy armor (up to scale), use shields, and get a nice spread of weapons. Is the […]

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D&D Insider Announcement

If you already have a DDI account, this probably isnt news to you assuming that you check your email. If not, then you might have missed this. Basically, starting in July they are going to start posting up complete and playable portions of Player’s Handbook 3, up until its eventual […]

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Review: Wilden Playtest

And here I thought that the PH3 playtest would be the monk. Oh well, at least its interesting. Wilden are based loosely on a race in Races of the Wild called the killoren. I had to actually look this up because I had no fucking clue that they ever existing […]

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