player’s handbook 3

Player’s Handbook 3 Lite Review

Between God of War 3, finals, and a full-time job toiling it what is the food industry’s equivalent to purgatory, I had almost resigned myself to not even bothering talking about PH3 given that its pretty much a no fucking DUH that I’m going to like it. In short, PH3 […]

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Battlemind Debut

Long post, because I like to go in-depth on debuts. We can finally see a preview of the battlemind, a Con-based psionic defender. They remind of psychic warriors: you get to tour around in heavy armor (up to scale), use shields, and get a nice spread of weapons. Is the […]

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Debut: Meet the Psion

Now that I’m back from my foray into the sun, I’ve been able to kick back and take a gander at the psion class. Its a psionic controller that can mess with enemy perceptions, alter memories, and in general do some of the crazy shit that Tetsuo could (screaming optional). […]

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