5th Edition Musings: Playing With Powers

Note: There is no official information about 5th Edition, here. This is merely some thoughts on the direction I would like to see WotC take. I guess think of it like me throwing ideas around to see if any stick (or if anyone else has a better idea). Powers are a […]

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Reflavoring Powers

Reskinning isn’t a new concept, and today’s Dragon article gives us two-and-a-third pages worth of advice on changing names, descriptions, and damage types. I found the article a bit weak, because the author suggests simple changes that people have already been doing for years. On the first page, he describes renaming […]

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Thinking Outside the Box

What started out as a thread on why druids using wild shape cannot pick up or otherwise manipulate has…expanded, to include all manner of other ideas, like using Conjurations to grab things that arent creatures and changing into various animal forms to breath underwater. Case in point, in one session […]

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Using Power Sources

Josh, and perhaps someone else, have asked me a couple of times as to what is the point to having power sources. What function to they perform? Whats the fucking point? Power sources seem to just mostly illustrate the starting point entirely from a “fluff” standpoint.If a power is based […]

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Mythbusting: Nondescript Powers

Sometimes people treat powers like “buttons” that they just routinely mash over and over again, paying little heed to anything except for the power’s effect. For some reason, they never had a problem with this in older editions despite the fact that spells never had default descriptive text until 3rd […]

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