A Sundered World: A Massive Art Update

As A Sundered World nears completion, Melissa’s been hard at work for the past few days catching up on the art front. Note that this is just six out of some fifty that will be featured in the final book (which will all be made available in an art pack). Announcements We’ve […]

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Heroes of Shadow Compilation

It’s not much, but I sorted through the (currently) seven-page thread on is a reprint sans all the feats. Other races have zero feat support. Boo.CLASSESAssassin (Executioner)As was confirmed awhile ago, it is the Essentials version. Good. Paladin (Blackguard)Apparently, these guys are pretty durable strikers, with paladin armor proficiencies and […]

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Heroes of Shadow Feats

The last preview for Heroes of Shadow showcases a bunch of feats. I like a lot of them, but some of them seem very…focused. For example, Legioncaller of Moil gives your summoned shadow critters a bonus to attack rolls and defenses, while Executioner of Undeath lets you reroll any damage […]

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