GenCon 2011 Summary

Here is some stuff that I managed to cull from forums that have been heard at GenCon that was not already dropped elsewhere: Dragon Content September and October: Oriental-flavored articles. Specifics mentioned were oriental themes, a ninja-assassin and kanji runepriest build, and an optional honor system in Unearthed Arcana. November and […]

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August and Beyond

Only one month down the road? Despite my vehement apathy towards Forgotten Realms, I am ironically kind of looking forward to Neverwinter Campaign Setting, as I could see myself doing a short heroic tier campaign arc there depending on how accessible it is. I find it interesting that while the […]

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Previews for April and Beyond

Like, next week Arcane Power is coming out, but that wont stop Wizards from dropping a preview for a pair of magical tomes to get me even more worked up to the point where I want to abandon my dwarf shaman in favor of anything-that-is-a-wizard. I already like the new […]

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