pseudo-vancian magic

FrankenFourth: Lance of Faith

While prepping for a 10th-level-one-shot-kill-a-dragon-playtest, I realized that clerics that don’t specifically focus on the War, Fire, and/or Thunder Domains have only situational usefulness in combat (which we probably would’ve realized sooner if almost all of the playtest clerics didn’t pick the War Domain). A 5th-level fighter going down the Slayer/Sundering tree […]

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Divine Intervention

Triggered in a totally not-Tumblrina-way by Timothy’s blogpost about clerics, I wanted to talk about what I don’t like about the traditional/classic portrayals of clerics in Dungeons & Dragons, and how I aim to fix it in FrankenFourth and Dungeons & Delvers (and to a point already did in Dungeon World). At the core of […]

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5 Problems With “Magic” In Dungeons & Dragons

In D&D gods don’t intervene on your behalf,you tell them what you want, when youwant, and x times per day they’ll always listen. When you think about wizards, what pops into your head? Is it an old guy with a robe and wizard hat? A teenager that waves a wand […]

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