Delve Night: Psion Playtest

Josh came over at random today, and so it was declared after much Taco Bell that he run a delve for one of our neighbors (since apparently my neighbors are a collective of like-minded geeks) and myself. We ran Orc Fortress, the level 3 delve out of Dungeon Delve. The […]

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Angra, Tiefling Psion

A tiefling character that has been trained by cultists of the Dragon Below. Nothing too fancy with the concept, just playing with CB to see some of the options, and I really like tieflings. ====== Created Using Wizards of the Coast D&D Character Builder ======Angra, level 1Tiefling, PsionDiscipline Focus: Telepathy […]

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Debut: Meet the Psion

Now that I’m back from my foray into the sun, I’ve been able to kick back and take a gander at the psion class. Its a psionic controller that can mess with enemy perceptions, alter memories, and in general do some of the crazy shit that Tetsuo could (screaming optional). […]

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