Psionic Power Review

Growing up my family was fairly poor so for the longest time I had to make due running D&D games with only a Player’s Handbook, some pages from that one Monster Manual thing that was in a three-ring binder, and bumming books from friends. Thankfully there weren’t magic item parcels (or even […]

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Elans 4e

I cant deny that I have always been intrigued by psionics since the first day that I heard about them back in the 3.0 days, but i never got a chance to play as one until the expanded psionic handbook came out and i made my first elan psychic warrior. I have always […]

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Delve Night: Psion Playtest

Josh came over at random today, and so it was declared after much Taco Bell that he run a delve for one of our neighbors (since apparently my neighbors are a collective of like-minded geeks) and myself. We ran Orc Fortress, the level 3 delve out of Dungeon Delve. The […]

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