Du’lora Quori Dark Fury

An upgraded, elite version of Mr Du’lora. To clarify something ahead of time, raging mind “encourages” ranged characters to hang back (5+ squares away) and target defenses that are not Will. The downside? Will is one of its lower defenses (the other being Reflex). To me, this creates a tactical […]

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More Quori

He’s a du’lora quori. I’m working on an elite version, so this one only gets its iconic, “make PCs smash,” powers. Oh, I added in a ranged attack that makes targets attack eachother. It otherwise didnt have much of anything that fit its whole feeds on anger schtick.

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Tsucora Quori

For my Eberron Inquisitives campaign, a quori! As a note to my potential players, this totally is not a spoiler, no siree. After checking on the original iteration in Eberron Campaign Setting, I’d initially pegged the tsucora as a lurker simply because of the description (it enjoys ambushing targets, fleeing […]

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