D&D Next: Tiefling Homebrew

Ever since I got Planescape Campaign Setting back in high school, tieflings have been one of my favorite races. In 2nd Edition they were supposed to be the half-breeds of a human and some other fiendish critter, though they initially had a standard set of racial traits. The Planewalker’s Handbook […]

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DDN: Tone & Edition

I find Rob’s proposal and reasons for adding race frequency to the game very…odd, to say the least, especially with 5th Edition’s purported goal of unifying all the editions. Tagging races as common, uncommon, rare, or whatever does nothing to inform the DM how these might fit into her campaign. […]

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Making Race Count

The first in hopefully many articles brings power support for dwarves, half-elves, halflings, and humans. In 4th Edition race became a much more meaningful choice due to the feat support and race-specific paragon paths, and adding powers to the mix (especially in light of the vryloka and shade) is a natural […]

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Heroes of Shadow: Vryloka

While this excerpt has a bit of flavor content for all the races that will be featured in Heroes of Shadow, it also showcases the racial features of the vryloka, meaning that we now know what to expect out of both of the new races (assuming revenant doesn’t see any […]

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