Dungeon World: The Druid

The Druid has been released into the wild! It has been added to the All of the Playbooks and Adventuring Party bundle, and we’ve also made a Wilderness Survival bundle, which includes 10+ Treasures: Wonders of the Wyld, The Bard, The Druid, The Spider, and The Witch. Like The Bard, this class […]

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RPGaDAY2015: Favorite RPG Illustration

I can’t really think of one favorite RPG illustration. This has nothing to do with choosing your “favorite child” or whatever, but a matter of “I’ve been playing role-playing games for too damned long to give an accurate answer”. I mean I’m sure if I had the time to go through […]

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RPGaDAY2015: Favorite Media You Wish Was An RPG

My answer is something inspired by the Silent Hill series. Namely the second and third games, though I liked some of the stuff from The Room and most of P.T (shame they aren’t going to finish it, though Allison Road looks promising). Ideally it wouldn’t assume the modern day, or at least not […]

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RPGaDay2015: Most Recent RPG Played

Even though we didn’t get a chance to play our current A Sundered World campaign yesterday, we were still pretty busy: something with Super Dungeon Explore, wrapping up the cover and interior art for The Rakshasa, and some talk about an adventure (not sure if I’ll be doing it for Dungeon World, […]

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