DDN Blog: Ranger Design Goals

With what we have seen of backgrounds and themes the more I read about these design goals, the more I wonder if D&D would just be better served as a point buy-like system in the vein of Dresden Files, Exalted, Shadowrun, etc, where you accrue XP and spend it on things […]

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Earth, Horses, and Monkies

The earth domain gives warpriests a third option that emphasizes protecting allies and applying your Constitution modifier to kicker effects, such as bonus damage and forced movement. It runs the entire thirty level stretch, but seems somewhat limited in scope, since there aren’t a lot of gods that involve themselves […]

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I Gotch’yer Martial Controller Right Here!

I say in a poorly affected Brooklyn accent, while grabbing and vigorously shaking my balls. So in October’s installment of Bill Slavicsek’s Ampersand column, the Dungeons & Dragons Essentials Ranger was previewed. And finally, everyone who has been clamoring for a martial controller can shut the fuck up and suck […]

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Garret, Halfling Ranger

Wanted to make a thematic Talenta halfling from Eberron. Alternatively you can just take Mounted Combat and pick up a dinosaur with any class. Garret, level 1Halfling, RangerFighting Style: Beast MasteryBeast Companion Type: LizardBackground: Talenta Plains (+2 to Athletics) FINAL ABILITY SCORESStr 16, Con 11, Dex 16, Int 10, Wis […]

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Class Acts: Ranger

I guess its out earlyish? Maybe you can still get it before its fixed. First things first, the header on the article says “Class Acts: Invoker“. Just a typo, and really…fuck it: the rest is undiluted awesome. The exploits are all weapon-ranged, giving them lots of utility while pimping some […]

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Class Acts: The Ranger

Out of all the potential classes, I dont think ranger was on the list of likely candidates for a Class Acts article. Its short-yet-useful, spanning all of three pages. The first is devoted to some history on the Verdant Silence order, with the other two spent on actual crunch. There […]

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