Ravenloft Play Report

Late last night we cracked open Ravenloft to give it a shot. By “we”, I mean two people that have played a lot of D&D (Liz and myself), and two people who either had a long time ago or only once. I decided to start us out with the scenario where we had to […]

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Ravenloft Board Game Review

It’s late, but I finally managed to snag it a day before its new release date. Ravenloft in its board game incarnation seems to be a rules-lite D&D-ized variant on Descent/Arkham Horror: you tour around a randomized dungeon layout killing monsters while trying to achieve one of many objectives, such as […]

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Gamer’s Library: Black Crusade

Just a heads up to anyone who hasn’t had a chance to sit down and check out Ari Marmell’s serialized Ravenloft tale Black Crusade, featured part-by-part every Friday on DDI. There’s also an ongoing discussion of Black Crusade happening here. Prologue Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four Part […]

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