Gamma World Report

I ran a short session of Gamma World for the first time last night with Josh and Liz. Josh rolled a speedster/seismic that he called Rockslide, while Liz played a felinoid/hypercog that she simply named Jingle. Following some advice from the book, I placed the adventure in my local area […]

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Ravenloft Play Report

Late last night we cracked open Ravenloft to give it a shot. By “we”, I mean two people that have played a lot of D&D (Liz and myself), and two people who either had a long time ago or only once. I decided to start us out with the scenario where we had to […]

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Songs of Erui Session 7, Part 1

Party (Level 3)Grey; razorclaw shifter archery rangerGrynn; gnoll artificer DEAD ^X_x^Kegan; dwarf paladin (Strength primary)Maev; elf druidSigis; goliath valorous bardZan; stormsoul genasi assault swordmage The last session ended on a cliffhanger. They party had defeated a pair of bear-totem eladrin wardens, and were trying to open the door that someone […]

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