Heroic Tier Rituals

So…rituals. Well, also ritual feats. Rituals have been a tricky thing in my games, despite my including them–both in book and scroll form–with the specific intent to give my players an edge, components to use them, and reducing the casting time on a lot of them. Who knows, maybe new Ritual Feats […]

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Rituals Index

I like the concept behind rituals, giving players pay-per-cast spells largely intended for out of combat uses, but I hear that there’s no shortage of groups that just don’t use them (or don’t like them). I don’t get to play, and since I do like rituals often pepper treasures with rituals […]

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Divine Power: Rituals

Looks like there will be eight new rituals in Divine Power. The one that interests me the most is Create Holy Water. Its only level 1 and probably will do wonders against undead and likely evil-aligned immortals. Not much of note, though they do preview one of the rituals. Adjure […]

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