RPGaDAY2015: Days 24 Through 28

Been really busy the past few days (releasing a new class, writing yet another book, running some games, playing other games, writing/arting A Sundered World, doing some commission work, playtesting a thing that we can’t talk about yet, etc), so here’s another RPGaDay catch-up post. Day 24: Favorite House Rule I’ve already mentioned […]

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RPGaDAY2015: Favorite Fantasy RPG

My answer to this question depends on whether the game is “supposed” to published or not. If we’re talking finished, published role-playing games, then my answer would of course be a houseruled 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons: there’s nothing it can’t do with some minor, easy tweaking, if that. Otherwise, I’m going […]

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RPGaDay2015: Most Recent RPG Played

Even though we didn’t get a chance to play our current A Sundered World campaign yesterday, we were still pretty busy: something with Super Dungeon Explore, wrapping up the cover and interior art for The Rakshasa, and some talk about an adventure (not sure if I’ll be doing it for Dungeon World, […]

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