Rule-of-Three 04/24/2012

Looks like the action economy might tank harder than America’s, which apparently is being reduced to “do one thing, and you can also move if you want”. I know that fighter bonus attacks were being pitched as free actions, so that characters multiclassing into fighter could still benefit from them, […]

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Rule-of-Three: 04/03/2012

On one hand, I think it is good to see that many of the best parts of 4th Edition are at least being considered for inclusion in 5th Edition; themes, exploits, at-will magic, rituals (though I recall that being in 3rd Edition in some form or other), non-magical healing, etc. […]

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Rule-of-Three: 03/27/2012

So it looks like character progression is regressing back to 3rd Edition, which conceptually I actually have no problem with. Conceptually. I prefer the concept and execution of 4th Edition’s multiclassing mechanics because it seemed a lot more “realistic” in that you did not spontaneously gain a working knowledge of a […]

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Rule-of-Three: Pixies

In addition to Totem Expertise and Two-Handed Weapon Expertise, the other content tidbit from Heroes of the Feywild is that pixies will have a flying cap of 1 square. Reactions and interpretations are varied, with some stating that WotC should have waited for a better solution, and others expecting as such. […]

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Rule-of-Three 09/12/2011

I might have already said this, but I appreciate Mearls entrenching himself into the festering cesspool where the worst of the vocal minority lair, readying piles of vitriolic feces to hurl whenever he dares to open his mouth. Surprisingly this week’s thread is pretty tame, but which I mean to […]

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