My Next Wishlist

When I got the first playtest packet I was pretty underwhelmed, but still hopeful. Yeah the characters were pre-gens, the system looked like the worst of what 3rd Edition had to offer, and the adventure made absolutely no sense, but despite the protests of my group I figured that this […]

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Monster & Morale

As you open the door, you see a pair of goblins arbitrarily standing there, ineffectually wielding spears made of a stick and somewhat sharpened rock, and shields made out of a few planks of wood tied together. They see you, and snarl savagely as they prepare to rush you. This […]

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July Rules Updates

Thats…a lot of changes, and not simple ones, either. For starters, magic missile now always hits but deals less than half damage than before, dispel magic becomes an encounter spell, and lead the attack only lasts a turn even if you hit. And thats just a few of the changes out […]

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Error: Rule Not Found

I have no idea why people think that older D&D editions are somehow more intuitive or easier to houserule. They come to the bizarre conclusion that since 3E and 4E had rules for stuff, that you are now somehow utterly incapable of performing actions that dont specifically have rules spelling […]

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