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Devotees of the Gibbous Moon

Devotees of the Gibbous Moon: Secrets of the Beast Form, aside from having an insanely long fucking title, is a focused druid article that contains roughly an equal mix of fluff and crunch pertaining to (what else) wild shape. This is the defining feature for the druid, and I’m hoping […]

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Huxtropy Review

Its been awhile, but Silent7Seven has conscripted me into another review by dangling free pdf-produce with promises of card-slinging, gambling-goodness by the name of Huxtropy. Huxtropy runs 19 pages that contains a card game, variant ranger-build, new warlock pact, some magical goodies, and a new-if-unrefined skill. It runs about $5, […]

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Review: Aberrant Blood

Aberrant Blood is the third product from Silent 7Seven, and its fucking sweet. Like Favored Forms it is cheap, short, and adds specific content to the sorcerer class in the form of an aberrant Spell Source. I’m going to admit that I’m a bit biased on this one, since I […]

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Review: Advanced Class; Druid

Advanced Class: Druids, is the second supplement released by Silent7Seven. It is a three-page compilation of druid feats that represent the use of a single specialized animal shape that provides additional benefits. For example, you gain a bonus to Intimidate and bonus damage when you charge if you take Golden […]

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Review: The Lunar Scrolls

The Lunar Scrolls a third-party supplement intended to provide you with a moon-themed package to both sides of the screen, written by Silent 7Seven. It runs 34 pages and a little over seven bucks. Admittingly I’d never heard of the company until a few days ago, but in a nutshell […]

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