silent hill

RPGaDAY2015: Favorite Media You Wish Was An RPG

My answer is something inspired by the Silent Hill series. Namely the second and third games, though I liked some of the stuff from The Room and most of P.T (shame they aren’t going to finish it, though Allison Road looks promising). Ideally it wouldn’t assume the modern day, or at least not […]

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Dungeon World: Lichfield

Originally slated for release in October, the crew over at Mythoard (which also has digital “boxes” now) has allowed us to release it four months early (ie, today)! I’ve already talked about Lichfield in two other posts, but essentially it’s a 30-page adventure that’s heavily inspired by the Silent Hill series (hence the name, as opposed to the longer ones I’ve […]

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Another Mythoard Semi-Exclusive Teaser

Last week I posted a teaser for Lichfield, a semi-exclusive, Silent Hill-esque adventure I’ve written for next month’s Mythoard box (semi-exclusive as in you’ll be able to pick it up separately in October). This week I figured I’d talk about some of its contents. The meat of the adventure runs about 30 […]

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