5 Problems With “Magic” In Dungeons & Dragons

In D&D gods don’t intervene on your behalf,you tell them what you want, when youwant, and x times per day they’ll always listen. When you think about wizards, what pops into your head? Is it an old guy with a robe and wizard hat? A teenager that waves a wand […]

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Legends & Lore: Chaotic Magical

Today’s Legends & Lore post is a cornucopia of awesome concerning alignment and spells. AlignmentAlignment as an option? Yes, please. Alignment as an option, that if entirely cut out, does not break a class/require lots of houseruling to make it work/negates one or more meaningful class features? Hell yes. Interesting direction to […]

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Class Acts: Wizards

This wizards Class Act focuses entirely on summons–of the elemental/demon variety–adding fourteen to the roster in addition to a pair of new mechanics called intrinsic nature and symbiosis. Intrinsic nature is basically instinctive effect by another name, telling you what your summon does on your turn if you dont tell […]

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