starter set

Starter Set Play Report

I’ve been wanting to run the adventures from Starter Set, Dungeon Master’s Kit, and Monster Vault, and I finally had a chance to start down that road last night. I let the players do whatever, not wanting to limit them to Essentials-only classes, and ended up with a triumvirate consisting […]

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Essential Impressions

Having fiddled around with the Starter Set–which isn’t hard because there isn’t much to fiddle with–I’ve come to some realizations. This is not a new edition by any stretch. By itself this product could barely be considered introductory since you can only elevate yourself to level two and the character options are virtually nonexistent: there […]

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D&D Starter Set Review

“Red Box”, “Essentials”, whatever. The point is that thanks to Shazbot’s tip I was able to get ahold of this $20 gateway drug well ahead of time. The Starter Set (as it’s officially labeled) comes with a book for players, a book for DMs, several sheets of power/magic item cards that […]

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