super dungeon explore

The Forgotten King: Von Drakk’s Manor

Heroes Celestial Herald Fae Alchemist Questing Knight Twilight Knight Tiles Von Drakk’s Manor Spawning Points Grabby House x2 Shallow Grave x2 Mini-Bosses Gruesome George Death Spectre Shadow Mode Candy Boss Von Drakk Summary This is the first four-man team we’ve done in a long while. Everything went fine up until we […]

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RPGaDay2015: Most Recent RPG Played

Even though we didn’t get a chance to play our current A Sundered World campaign yesterday, we were still pretty busy: something with Super Dungeon Explore, wrapping up the cover and interior art for The Rakshasa, and some talk about an adventure (not sure if I’ll be doing it for Dungeon World, […]

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The Forgotten King: Goro’s Terrible Mushroom Garden

Heroes Bearstruck Berserker Survivor Marie-Claude Wyrm Claw Exemplar Tiles The Forgotten King Spawning Points Bramble Knight Fungal Growth (x2) Mini-Bosses Glimmerwing Trent Boss Goro Summary Wasn’t sure how well things were going to go down, given that all of us relied on STR, and it went…okay. Ish. Okay-ish. Unlike our previous […]

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