terrain features

Terrain Features, Part II

Was in the middle of a post on Multiclassing/Hybrid mechanics and thought of some more terrain effects. Some of these terrain effects can get pretty complicated, and in general are things that on the fly I’d only normally think of if a player brought them to my attention. Not wanting […]

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Terrain Features: Swamp

Working on a horror-themed adventure for October that takes place in a swamp. Here are some common terrain features that I crapped out while working on the opening string of encounters. Mud: Acts as difficult terrain and gets your boots dirty. Like, mega dirty. Shallow Water: Also acts as difficult […]

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Terrain Features: Magic Circles

This is one of those strange articles that doesnt really get into hard mechanics, but mostly whimsy player-driven-fun. I’ve been dealing a lot with magic circles, having read the entire Dresden Files series in the span of a month, and one of many good effects its had on me is […]

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