Forging Dungeons With Dwarven Forge: City Builder System, Part 1

Previous Dwarven Forge posts have covered dungeons and caverns (though I still need to talk about the water cavern sets). This time I’m going to talk about the city part of the city builder sets: even so, there’s still a bunch of sets to choose from. Before I get into […]

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Forging Dungeons With Dwarven Forge: Caverns

In my previous post on Dwarven Forge tiles, I talked about their vanilla dungeon sets. This time I’m gonna talk about their cavern sets, which unfortunately require more investment because: A basic set of cavern tiles runs $80 for pre-painted, and $60 for “dungeon grey” (and there isn’t a slightly discounted […]

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Forging Dungeons With Dwarven Forge

Some seven or so years ago I bought a variety of Dwarven Forge sets. Despite the fact that all told they ran me about $750, they barely saw any use up until last year, when I started playtesting Dungeons & Delvers with our kids. Unsurprisingly our kids loved playing with them (it’s very rare […]

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