the chaos scar

Review: Dead by Dawn

Another Chaos Scar adventure by Aeryn “Blackdirge” Rudel? Shit yes. Dead By Dawn is intended for level 2 characters, and is (according to Aeryn‘s Facebook page) written as an homage to both Evil Dead and Night of the Living Dead. Like Penny Arcade the difference between an homage and derivative, […]

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The Tainted Spiral

You know what? Fuck it. Just rename this adventure path to, “Blackdirge’s Most Excellent Adventure Path,” since he’s responsible for the only two adventures that I’d bother to run (counting this one). I like The Tainted Spiral because its got a simple, strong theme thats consistent and logical. Its short […]

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Den of the Slave Takers Review

The second adventure for Chaos Scar is out. The backstory to Den of the Slavetakers is pretty confusing: you have gnoll slaver(s) that are actually using their slaves for “death rituals” whatever a botched witherling is instead of selling them, a halfling packing a meteor shard that is using it […]

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Dungeon: The Chaos Scar

Looks like Wizards is rolling out another campaign that is about a meteor plummeting out of the sky, destroying a large amount of real estate, and attracting lots of monsters of various level and alignment ranges (mostly Unaligned through Chaotic Evil, kplzthx). Its more or less supposed to be player […]

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