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Inktober2016: Snail Dungeon Cover

The now-Thursday group has been crawling through the snail dungeon over the past several weeks. We’re playing in A Sundered World (which is also the Deal of the Day over on DriveThruRPG) but using FrankenFourth rules (though it’s also going to be released for Dungeon World first). So, I figured a good cover would be Adam’s […]

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Inktober2016: Spiked Snail & Snail Mage

Keeping this whole snail cult thing going, here’s an ambiguously-sized spiked snail (could be small, could be really big): And, per Melissa’s suggestion, a magic-using snail that sits on your head and takes over so it can make you cast spells: Assuming everything goes according to plan, tomorrow evening we’ll […]

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4Ward/FrankenFourth: Age of Worms, Episode 407

Cast Humal (level 6 wrathful cambion wizard) Corzale (level 6 dwarf war cleric) Sumia (level 6 elf rogue/ranger) Summary Before leaving Doppeligos’s lair, Sumia plucked a magic crystal from one of the tanks. It looked similar to the ones they’d found in Doppeligos’s remains; when she touched it she felt […]

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FrankenFourth: Shriekers

Near the end of the Hall of Harsh Reflections, there’s a dungeon that has shriekers in one of the rooms. Shriekers, in case you somehow didn’t know, are one of many silly D&D monsters. Some are amalgamations of two or more different animals, while others look like a myriad of objects such […]

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FrankenFouth Sandbox Campaign: Into the Black Wood

Cast 2nd-level elf ranger 2nd-level human paladin 3rd-level dwarf fighter 3rd-level human cleric Summary As I mentioned in this post, the players were able to choose which dungeon they wanted to tackle first. I warned them that each time they explored a location, subsequent visits would be more difficult. Despite […]

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FrankenFourth Sandbox Campaign

Our Monday game got canceled due to 4th of July things, so we ran another FrankenFourth session with the kids, continuing where this one left off. The party—a dwarf fighter (because our son is basically always playing fighters of some sort), a human cleric (mostly healing, with only a dash of […]

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