the cultist

Inktober2016: Snail Dungeon Cover

The now-Thursday group has been crawling through the snail dungeon over the past several weeks. We’re playing in A Sundered World (which is also the Deal of the Day over on DriveThruRPG) but using FrankenFourth rules (though it’s also going to be released for Dungeon World first). So, I figured a good cover would be Adam’s […]

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Inktober2016: Spiked Snail & Snail Mage

Keeping this whole snail cult thing going, here’s an ambiguously-sized spiked snail (could be small, could be really big): And, per Melissa’s suggestion, a magic-using snail that sits on your head and takes over so it can make you cast spells: Assuming everything goes according to plan, tomorrow evening we’ll […]

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A Sundered World: Meet the Tarchon (And Cultist)

Here’s the tarchon, a kind of dragonic-humanoid race born from the mingled blood of god, primordial, and Bahamut (the World-Fish). Born from bloodlust, tarchons have an almost constant urge to fight and kill. Their starting move has them take a constant -1 ongoing whenever they can see a fight but […]

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