the monk

Expedition to Castle Ravenloft w/ Dungeon World

Last year I ran a complete Dungeon World campaign using 3rd Edition’s Expedition to Castle Ravenloft (which also raised some money for Extra Life). At the time I’d intended to make a complete conversion pdf, but numerous other projects took precedence, so it was essentially backburnered indefinitely. Since then, people have continued […]

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Trick-or-Treat: Along Came a Spider

The Oni has vanished, but never fear, The Spider is here! The Spider is exactly what is says on the tin, just a lot bigger than most would expect (and prefer). You can spin webs, either laying them out as snares or just shooting them Spiderman-style, climb walls with ease, and inject […]

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Alpha Blue Kickstarter

Disclosure: I know Venger from G+, and at his request have started working on an adventure primarily intended for his standalone game, Crimson Dragon Slayer (though it would be compatible with other “OSR” games). Alpha Blue is Venger’s latest Kickstarter project, following the success of previous projects like The Outer Presence and How to Game […]

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