the spider

Trick-or-Treat Sale: The Spider

Though The Ghost has departed, for the next four days you can snare The Spider at 15% off! From the original post: Dungeon World is filled with all manner of strange and horrible monsters: marauding orcs, moldering skeletons, shambling zombies, chimeric owlbears, sinister demons, towering giants, fire-breathing dragons, and more.Like spiders.No, not […]

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Trick-or-Treat: Along Came a Spider

The Oni has vanished, but never fear, The Spider is here! The Spider is exactly what is says on the tin, just a lot bigger than most would expect (and prefer). You can spin webs, either laying them out as snares or just shooting them Spiderman-style, climb walls with ease, and inject […]

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A Sundered World Update & Product Milestones

Melissa just finished coloring the deva, so here’s a before-and-after comparison. Let us know what you think about the colors (as well as the cthon and cambion, if you have any problems with those). The final book will be available in four different options, allowing you to choose whether you want your pages […]

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