the witch

Expedition to Castle Ravenloft w/ Dungeon World

Last year I ran a complete Dungeon World campaign using 3rd Edition’s Expedition to Castle Ravenloft (which also raised some money for Extra Life). At the time I’d intended to make a complete conversion pdf, but numerous other projects took precedence, so it was essentially backburnered indefinitely. Since then, people have continued […]

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Another Mythoard Semi-Exclusive Teaser

Last week I posted a teaser for Lichfield, a semi-exclusive, Silent Hill-esque adventure I’ve written for next month’s Mythoard box (semi-exclusive as in you’ll be able to pick it up separately in October). This week I figured I’d talk about some of its contents. The meat of the adventure runs about 30 […]

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A Sundered World: Meet the Tarchon (And Cultist)

Here’s the tarchon, a kind of dragonic-humanoid race born from the mingled blood of god, primordial, and Bahamut (the World-Fish). Born from bloodlust, tarchons have an almost constant urge to fight and kill. Their starting move has them take a constant -1 ongoing whenever they can see a fight but […]

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A Sundered World Update & Product Milestones

Melissa just finished coloring the deva, so here’s a before-and-after comparison. Let us know what you think about the colors (as well as the cthon and cambion, if you have any problems with those). The final book will be available in four different options, allowing you to choose whether you want your pages […]

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