DDN Blog: Backgrounds and Themes

Backgrounds in 4th Edition were introduced in the Scales of War adventure path, as an option that gave characters a dash of flavor material as well as a small bonus (usually +2 to a skill or something similar…usually). Themes came about much later with Dark Sun Campaign Setting, and were also […]

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Slaves of Athas

Slaves of Athas is a Dark Sun article that adds the escaped slave theme (martial striker) that includes eight exploits, the freedom fighter paragon path, and three feats. Taking the theme grants you free training in Bluff and hidden strike, an exploit that lets you make a Bluff check after hitting someone […]

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Devotees of the Gibbous Moon

Devotees of the Gibbous Moon: Secrets of the Beast Form, aside from having an insanely long fucking title, is a focused druid article that contains roughly an equal mix of fluff and crunch pertaining to (what else) wild shape. This is the defining feature for the druid, and I’m hoping […]

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Here’s Your Genre

Awhile back I did a kind of mostly mock “review” of 3rd Edition, where I went through the ropes and described its numerous faults in a positive light. To be absolutely clear, I enjoyed playing 3rd Edition quite a bit, otherwise I wouldnt have played it for about eight-fucking-years. This […]

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