Feywild Themes

I am really pleased with the timing of the recent Feywild love, because my group has pressed me into re-visting Erui, a homebrew campaign that I ran and shelved over a year ago. The first article is really in name only intended for the Moonshaes, a region in Forgotten Realms (which […]

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Character Themes 3: Heroes of Virtue

I’d apparently overlooked this installment of Character Themes, which gives us chevalier, guardian, hospitaler, and noble. CHEVALIERThese guys get a chivalrous code sidebar, allowing you to add irritating classic paladin-like limitations to any character. … Yay…? Actually the sidebar specifically mentions that the code varies from culture to culture, just that […]

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Character Themes 4: Heroes for Hire

This week on Character Themes we get explorer, guttersnipe, mercenary, and outlaw. EXPLORER You automatically tell which way is north, gain a hefty bonus to any skill check you make to avoid getting lost, and gain an encounter power that lets you ignore difficult terrain as a move action, in addition to […]

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Character Themes: Heroes of Tome and Temple

This trio of themes focuses on arcane and divine characters, giving us the ordained priest, scholar, and seer. As with the first four, they function similar to Dark Sun themes, except you also get bonus features at levels 5 and 10. Ordained priest is a bit different from the norm, in […]

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Heroes of Nature and Lore

Despite a fairly sparse offering of only four themes, this is a nice article. For heathens who do not play Dark Sun, themes are a way to provide mechanical support for your character’s background. To take a quote from the article, a theme can readily answer what you were immediately […]

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