A Sundered World: More Character Stuff Preview 8

The previous A Sundered World: More Stuffs preview provided a few glimpses about dwarves, one of the more “normal” default races. This time I’m going to touch on the weirdest race: the t’pual. T’pual were originally bodiless psychic entities that inhabited another dimension. They were preyed upon by the thulid, who could […]

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Dungeon World: Vancomancer Overhaul

It took waaay longer than I expected, but The Vancomancer (which is now a Best Silver Seller) has finally been updated (so if you already own it, check your Drivethru RPG library). In addition to boasting a new cover (colored by Melissa), here’s a list of other changes/additions: Two digest-sized pdfs. One lacks […]

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Playtest: Wizard

Wizard playtest is up. Most of the changes entail giving encounter attacks miss effects of one kind or another, changing zone effects so that the damage occurs at the end of their turn instead of the start (and only happens once), and adding spell school keywords to spells to help […]

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Wizard Preview

Bill assures us that Essentials isn’t a new edition, and that content is backwards compatible between both it and “normal” D&D. I think the main hangup people are getting from this is that every class since Player’s Handbook was released follows the same model of power acquisition. Sure you get differing […]

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Class Acts: Wizard

When you actually get down to it its only about a page worth of content, but then wizards arent really short on spells anymore, are they? I’m so fucking glad that Character Builder exists. It was hell enough in older editions to keep everything sorted and accessible, and I recall […]

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